About Us

Grace and Truth is an evangelistic ministry with strong emphasis on apologetics.
Our main desire is to see the nations worshiping Christ.

There is great religious movement such as Satanism, Mormonism, Oneness Pentecostals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Witchcraft etc, in Africa. In the past we have dealt with world religions, but now we have to also deal with the cults. There is a great need to teach people about the power of the living God through apologetics in world missions. Many Christians are compromising their beliefs to exercise tolerance for belief systems that are contrary to the written Word of God. Grace and Truth Ministry exists to oppose any view in love that is not biblical in their teachings and practices. Through the power of the Holy Spirit and His anointing, we are going to host seminars, conferences, crusades, and revival meetings to reach the people of Africa.

We desire that the people of Africa will worship the living God in our generation. “The LORD reigns, let the earth rejoice; let the many coastlands be glad!” (Ps. 97: 1). In order for the people in our villages to know that the river, rock, mountain, etc., that they worship is not God. 

We want to encourage and empower African Christians to fulfill the Great Commission in the areas they lived, but our desire is that they be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. 

There are lots of Christians in Africa that are suffering and some of them are captured and persecuted for their faith. We hope to stand in agreement with these suffering believers to give relief to their families and to rebuild their faith in the Person of Christ. Oh God! Give us hearts that will weep with those who are weeping for Christ’s sake. We understand that pain and suffering is part of many families in Africa, but we also believe that God is faithful and He desires in this generation to shake African nations with revivals that will touch the rest of the world.

You will be encouraged by stories that testify to God’s grace and power in the midst of persecution and suffering that many are coming to Christ in Africa. We are looking for opportunity in Africa where God is at work and then giving our all to be part of what He is doing. We exist only because of the grace of God and will continue to do things for Christ’s glory only as we fall on our knees in prayer. Prayers that are anointed and infused with the power of the Holy Spirit are all that we have to empower us to do the work of God.

We choose to know nothing, but the power of Christ working in the lives of redeemed follower of Christ. Currently we are working with twenty-one churches in both Ghana and Liberia. We want to continue propagating the gospel of Jesus Christ by providing solid biblical teachings, apologetics trainings, radio broadcasts, and assisting these churches with Bibles, literature, and medical aid, etc.

Is Evangelical Preaching Heresies?

The growing number of cults and world religions today are causing problem for the church of Jesus Christ. They are spreading in unprecedented proportions by aggressive evangelizations, whereas, the Church of our Lord is sleeping.
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